Different Ways To Have Sex

Nearly every mature adult feels there is an art to learning different ways to have sex. For a couple to experience good sex, each person should derive as much pleasure out of the experience as possible, ending in orgasm. One of the first things a person should learn is not only the many ways to have sex but when to make love. Orgasms occur on different levels of satisfaction because each results in varying degrees of sensation. One orgasm may be very intense while another may only be slightly intense. In the following, you will find some suggestions to help you in enhancing your love making skills.

Love making should only happen when the mood is right. Both partners should be in the right frame of mind before entering into sexual activity. To increase the mood, romance should be present. There should be an emotional attachment that sparks the need and desire to have sex. Romance brings spice to the moment before the clothes ever come off.

Another way to learn different ways to have sex is to include words in the act. Words are an important element in making love. Pleasure is found to be increased when a partner voices how they feel and how much they need and want their lover. Allow talk to lead into foreplay which always makes for exciting love making. During foreplay, you can explore your partner’s body completely and learn what really drives them wild. You can kiss and nibble on your lover driving them into orgasmic bliss. Stimulating your partner orally is another good way to lead them into orgasm. Oral sex can give double the amount of pleasure for both partners. Use your tongue and fingers to completely drive her orgasmic. Deep sensual massages are often useful during foreplay as well and can lead to intense sexual satisfaction.

When learning different ways to have sex, you can try teasing your lover. Penetrate her once or twice and then withdraw. This will send her into a heightened degree of arousal. Continue this same technique for a little while, increasing the number of penetrations before withdrawal each time. She will be totally aroused and ready for orgasm before you know it.

Some couples find that a bit of role playing is intensely arousing in their relationship. Playing dress up with your lover can be a great deal of fun and very sexy. You can find attire for role playing at various cost levels online and in some sex shops. During role play, submission with bondage is often brought into the scenario. Some choose a simple pair of handcuffs while others may use ankle restraints and a collar for chaining their lover to a bed or wall. Many lock these and hold the keys as ransom for obeying their every command. Men and women alike enjoy the heightened senses that blind folds add. Not knowing what move your lover will make next is often enough arousal to send a lover into orgasm and complete satisfaction.

Although there are some great suggestions in the above material, not everyone will get the same results. Every woman and man is different therefore making what turns them on and sends them into orgasm different for each. You may have to try a few different techniques to find what works the best for you and your lover. It will be a great deal of enjoyment trying to find the most satisfying methods. Never rush love making as this is a big turn off. No one wants to feel as if you are in a hurry to reach orgasm and go to sleep. You may soon find that you will be rejected on a regular basis when you practice sex in this manner.

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