How To Give A Girl A Orgasm

Around eighty percent of all women surveyed cannot reach orgasm during vaginal sex. By learning how to give a girl a orgasm, you will increase your chances of being the best lover in her life. Many women rate sex on the type of orgasmic satisfaction they receive as a result. Men are not born with the natural ability to perform well during sex. This skill is learned through experience and practice. As a man ages, he usually becomes better and more confident in his sexual abilities. In the following, you will find some suggestions that may be helpful.

Many women will voice to their partner just exactly what is needed to satisfy her. Others are not so straight forward. In order to find out what turns your lover on, you will need to explore her body completely. The best way to do this is through foreplay. Foreplay is the ideal way for both lovers to get to know the other’s body. You will find how to give a girl a orgasm by finding those erogenous zones. Simply touch, fondle, kiss and suck on your woman’s entire body and watch for any type of reaction she may experience in certain areas. These areas are more than likely her trigger points. Trigger points send intense sensations to the pelvic region when stimulation is received. Every person’s trigger points are different. Common trigger points are the ear lobes, back of neck, sides of neck, back, inner thighs and various other areas. Once you have located these areas, you can concentrate your attention to arousing her through these erogenous zones.

As the passion rises during foreplay, you lover will respond quickly to your touches. To further her arousal level, you may wish to find how to give a girl a orgasm with oral sex. Concentrate your oral stimulation on the clitoral area. Some women like to be penetrated with a finger or sex device while receiving oral sex. Oral sex is commonly practiced by couples and has been for many, many years. A man can place a finger inside his lover’s vagina and press upwards to find the common location of the g-spot. By stimulating the g-spot and the clitoris, most women will have orgasmic explosions in very little amounts of time. This will happen much quicker than with regular vaginal sex.

Many women are true romantics and if the romance is not there, they may not be able to reach orgasm. A great number of women must have emotional attachments and connections with their partner in order to even participate in sex with them. Deep seated beliefs and cultural influences may also affect how a woman is able to reach orgasm. You can plan an encounter for you and your lady that is filled with nothing but pure romance. You might start with a dinner at your favorite restaurant complete with candle light and then go home for more romance. At home, you can have sensually scented candles lit and rose petals covering the floor and bed. With a little soft music and dim light, the scene is set for sensationally romantic adventures.

Keep in mind that what may send one woman into orgasmic bliss may not necessarily affect another one. You must find what works for you and your lover. Once you have discovered this, you should be able to bring her to orgasm easily and may even produce a few multiple orgasms for her. You will soon be great at how to give a girl a orgasm.

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How To Give An Orgasm To Curl The Toes

It is human nature to enjoy sex, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that at all. For some, inhibitions prevent them from experiencing the full, titillating effects of excellent sex, but between compassionate lovers, one should help the other. Learning how to please one another is part of intimacy, and when you bring love and romance into the equation of sex and intercourse, then you have a nice, spicy recipe. Men want to learn how to give an orgasm to their lovers. In fact, when they can’t provide this type of experience to their female partner they feel inadequate, as if something is missing out of the relationship. This is where communication comes in. It is true that when you have excellent communication your sexual relationship thrives as well, because there are no restrictions on what you can talk about. What women need to realize is that unless they tell their male partner what they are hoping to feel from sex and what they need, then the man will never know. Men aren’t mind readers, period.

Start from the Top

Okay guys, if you really want to blow her hair back and rock her world, then you have to prove to her you are aware of how to give an orgasm that she’ll never forget about. If it is the first time that you have been intimate with one another, then you really need to lavish her. So, women love tongue action. Now, don’t automatically think this means lavishing her pussy with tongue action, because it doesn’t. You want to start from the top and work your way down. When you kiss her on the mouth, full and with passion, she immediately becomes wet with desire, and her body is aroused.

For women, extra attention around the neck, lobes of the ears, hollow of the throat, and yes, those most sensitive nipples will get her lusciously wet real quick. You’re goal though is to give her an earth shaking orgasm, so don’t let up one bit. You can kiss and suck her breasts while stroking her thighs, but don’t move to fast. This is a lesson in patience here. Most couples have learned how to climax together, and it is all in the timing. It takes women longer than men to reach that most heated point of explosion, so just wait for it.

Working Your Way to the Hot Center

You’ll know if you’re doing everything right by how her body reacts to you. The same goes for women who are trying to help their male partner reach climax, because some men do have some trouble with this; especially when they get older. So, regardless of whether it is the woman or the man, pay attention to the most sensitive areas on either genders body. When you’re working your way down, and once you get there, start off slow. A man loves it when a woman sucks his balls and licks the tip of his penis, sucking light at first. There is extreme sensitivity in the ball area, but be careful that you don’t squeeze or suck to hard.

For women, the inner thighs and the clit are the hot zones. You can caress her inner thighs with your fingertips as you give her hot tongue action at her love button, maybe even slightly fingering her at the same time. You’ll know exactly when she is ready for you to enter her, because her body will be begging for it if her mouth isn’t. Again, some women just don’t talk, so watch for how their muscles clench if you’re fingering her; or maybe even how she is breathing. If she is moving against you then she is definitely ripe and ready. For men, it is easy to tell when they’re ready; they get hard and seem to strain against you. Men can’t wait as long as women can; they’ll explode in orgasm in seconds if too sensitized.

Sex and Orgasm

Once the actual act begins and your manhood is inside of her, then it is all about the movement. Men should know that there is one specific sweet spot women have (the g-spot), which if hit in the right in and out pattern, will send most women into sweet ecstasy. You can massage her clit while you’re moving inside of her too. Most women do require clit stimulation during sex to reach orgasm anyway, so don’t stop the motion on the outside either. You can still kiss her and switch positions too. There is such a variety of ways in learning how to give an orgasm, it is amazingly wicked fun. The bottom line is, if your partner can’t reach orgasm the traditional way, then she is sure to with outside stimulation given at the right pace and pressure. Once you achieve an orgasm you’ll never look at sex the same way again!

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How To Have Multiple Orgasms For Prolonged Pleasure

Statistics show that there are more women who can’t reach orgasm than there are women who have one. There are definitely fewer women who experience multiple orgasms as well. There are many reasons for these issues, some psychological, some simply physical difficulties, and some are actually nerve related. However, for those who have no medical basis for the dysfunction, their partner can work with them to help them achieve that delightful experience. While sex feels good to most, reaching that pinnacle of pleasure, that sheer glorious release, well, there is nothing else quite like it. The adrenaline that runs through your body is unbelievable, and when you can have more than one of these, you’ll feel as light as the air itself, with every nerve impulse heightened, and every sense multiplied by ten.

Achieving a Higher Plane of Pleasure

While some hope to have an orgasm, others do have multiple orgasms every time that they are sexually active. There are some women who are just much more sensitive than others; and, there are women who are just so comfortable in their skin they are open to that type of connection with a lover. Now, there are those experts who do claim that the multiple orgasm doesn’t really exist. What these actually are is one long, extended orgasm that is so powerful it feels like many all at once. However, there are a number of women who would beg to differ with these so called experts.

Normally what triggers these types of orgasms for women is in how their partner doesn’t allow their body to completely come down from the first experience, so they are still highly stimulated. For instance, giving a woman a clitorial orgasm and then engaging in hard sex can cause her to have a vaginal orgasm right after.

Furthermore, sometimes through erotic nipple stimulation a woman can reach orgasm again. The main point though is that her body is never allowed to fully come down from the first experience. Again, this is why so many say that it simply isn’t possible to have multiple orgasms, but rather it is possible to have one that seems to be almost never-ending from extreme stimulation. Having what appears to be a multiple orgasm depends on three very important factors that might have already been mentioned:

  • She has to be comfortable, and she must be made to feel good about her body.
  • She can’t be under too much emotional stress, and she can’t be over fatigued or it simply isn’t going to happen the way it should.
  • The sexual technique has to be dead on in order for a woman to experience what feels like or might even be (no one can really say for sure) more than one orgasm


Exploring the Myth

As was mentioned, there is a lot of myth associated with this idea, and while it might very well be possible, there is no 100% sure proof way to say for a fact that these are indeed more than one orgasm occurring. We can describe them however. Some of these orgasms are known as sequential ones, and what happens with these is:

  • The orgasms come so close together they feel very much like an extended one. The time apart of them might only be seconds to just a few minutes.
  • There might be a slight pause in sexual arousal between orgasms, but then the body is still very much excited and stimulated so orgasm is easy to achieve

A woman can experience an orgasm following an oral sex technique, and then even experience another one right after intercourse. However, these are two separate orgasms. Whether or not they could be considered multiple is up to the individual. This literature isn’t saying that it is not possible to have or experience a multiple orgasm, but the point is if they really are what the individual thinks they are. Some claim they are simply shudders from the previous orgasm; and, others say they are brand new orgasms. The main point is that an orgasm is a powerful feeling, and having just one is often satiating for any woman. It is still highly interesting to debate whether they are real or not.

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Sex Positions List

Many relationships become dull and boring sexually with time. Individuals get into a routine in the bedroom and the excitement fades. In order to bring back that old spark, you and your lover may want to try some new positions for sex. You may have to travel outside your own comfort zone in order to try new positions; however, most find it well-worth the effort. The sexual excitement will be heightened bringing more pleasure to both partners. In the following, a sex positions list is briefly discussed to help you add erotic pleasure to your sex life. When trying new positions, remember the age-old saying, “Variety is the spice of life.”

One of the most common positions on the sex positions list is the man on top. This is widely used by many couples. With the man on top the woman, the couple is face to face allowing them to best respond to facial gestures and noises from each other. Many couples use this position during their first sexual encounter as it often feels safer to them than others. In today’s society, this position is referred to as the old fashioned missionary position.

With the woman on top, both partners usually get more satisfaction. Many couples prefer this position over all others. Men are allowed to simply lie back and enjoy what the woman has to offer. Women are allowed to use this position to control and command the pleasure. Women can also use this great choice from the sex positions list to lengthen sexual activity so she reaches orgasm.

In the sitting position, sex can be gentle and easy. While in this position, the couple can emotionally engage with one another. The woman can ride the man varying the pace. Couples can easily rest in this position while kissing and fondling until ready to begin thrusts again.

When choosing from the sex positions list, many try the standing position. This can be a difficult position to perform. It might be that because of the difference in height, penetration could be tricky. Some try standing on a stool or pillow to become the height needed for good penetration. Couples can try holding one another in order to gain better grip.

In the side by side sex position, couples are on their sides in the bed. With this position, the woman will have to have her leg thrown over the leg of the man in order to facilitate good deep penetration. Couples can switch sides for a variation during this position.

A favorite of many, the rear entry position is a very sexual one. During this position, the man can penetrate the woman from behind. This can be done standing but generally works best with the woman on her knees with the man behind. This is often used for anal sex as well.

Another great position is the T-Square position. The woman is on her back in this position with her legs raised and open. With the man on his side at a perpendicular position, he will penetrate her. This position allows the man to get a wonderful view of his lover’s body while sending her into orgasmic bliss.

With the perpendicular position, the woman is laying on her face. The man is on top her perpendicularly. The angle at which the penis penetrates in this position is very satisfying and pleasuring.

All of these positions and many more can help you to add excitement to your sex life. Always make sure you are both in the mood before you try having sex. Sex should not be rushed or hurried as it will not satisfy either of you.

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Tips For Great Sex

Many people want to become the best lover possible. Being a good lover is not a natural talent. This skill takes some time and practice that you are only going to get through experience. With experience, you learn your own body as well as the body of your lover. By exploring the body of your lover, you can find all the erogenous zones that drive the arousal level through the roof when stimulated. In the following, there are some tips for great sex that may help you in becoming a better lover.

One of the best tips for great sex is to focus on pleasuring your lover and not yourself. You will be surprised when you get more pleasure by using this technique as well. This can often prolong ejaculation for the man which always makes for better sex. Men should concentrate on bringing their lover to orgasm before themselves.

By using your hands for exploring the body of your lover, you will arouse deep sensations. For most women, the entire body acts as a sex organ. Many women love when a full body massage is given during foreplay. Try using some great massage oils. By giving a woman this type of massage, you warm her body up and cause desire to build within her.

Searching your lover’s body for the sensitive areas is another one of the tips for great sex. Most individuals have sensitive areas on the neck, ear lobes, back and inner thighs. For others, there are various other places that feel amazing when stimulated. Once you have located these areas on your lover, you can deliver touches, kisses, nibbles and fondling to produce arousal. Your lover will be surprised that you know just where to go to drive them wild.

An additional one of the tips for great sex is to deliver oral sex to a woman from a position at her side. Most commonly, a man goes down on a woman from between her legs. By performing oral sex from the side, she will receive a different type of stimulation. You can use your hands to fondle her breasts and body as you use your tongue.

Statistics show that nearly eighty percent of all women do not have an orgasm during vaginal sex. If this is an issue for your lover, you may want to give her an orgasm before ever penetrating her for sex. She will be much more satisfied if you bring her to climax first. You can perform oral sex on her, use a sex toy or simply deliver stimulation to the clitoral area until she reaches orgasm.

During sex, you should always vary how deep you penetrate her and the speed at which you deliver the penetration. This will bring a bit of excitement to the sex. You may also try new things and experiment a bit. Some couples find adding sex toys, role playing, threesomes or even visiting swing clubs very helpful in making the most out of their sex lives. Some solutions may at first be out of your comfort zone. Always take your time in choosing and consider the affect it will have on any meaningful relationship.

Although there are various ways to improve your sex skills, you will have to simply keep trying until you find what works the best. Most couples have reported not having very good sex in the initial stages of the relationship. However, with time, these same couples began to have amazing sex because they learned what the other person needed and wanted. Never rush the skill or the sex. Rushed or hurried sex is very dissatisfying.

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How To Have Orgasm

Discovering how to have orgasm may be a difficult task for some individuals. Nearly four out of ten women report some type of frustration in their sex lives. There are often various reasons as to why a woman cannot achieve orgasm. Sometimes, the woman is experiencing changes in her hormone levels. There may be added stress or tension in her life with family or work. Other factors such as amount of body fat, current medications, medical conditions or sexual views can also affect many women. In the following, there are some suggestions that you may find helpful.

Orgasm occurs as a natural reaction to sexual arousal and stimulation. Many women are raised to learn early in life from society that sex, masturbation and their bodies are intimate areas. This can often leave negative feelings about the subject of sex in the woman’s mind. A woman must first rid the mind of these false beliefs before she will ever be able to learn how to have orgasm.

Every woman wants to feel pleasure and experience orgasm. There is often a lack of connection between the brain and the clitoris in many women. There are various pathways of nerves that send stimuli to the brain. These pathways must be rejuvenated before orgasm can occur. Many women must train their bodies on how to have orgasm.

Blood circulation is also important in sexual arousal as well as the lubrication of the vagina. Blood carries chemicals that give good physical feelings. When blood flow is decreased, these feelings do not occur. This makes it harder to accomplish orgasm. By participating in activities that increase blood flow, the chance of arousal and orgasm are heightened. You may start jogging or do simple work outs in your living room to enhance blood flow.

Women must accept their own sexual desire. She must react with the rhythm of her own body and know what makes her feel the best sexually. A woman must also learn to be relaxed. If she is not relaxed, it will be more difficult to have an orgasm. Before having sex or masturbating, a woman can practice deep breathing exercises to prepare her body. Stretching can often relieve tension in the muscles allowing for better orgasm.

Society has taught women that the perfect body is necessary for having great sex. Many young girls even feel as if they need bodies that look like those of runway models. This is not possible for everyone. Each person is very different. Learning to accept your body will free you of inhibitions that are keeping you from achieving orgasm.

There are various methods that can be used in the bedroom to bring a woman to full orgasm. Foreplay is a great place to start. During foreplay, both partners can find those sensitive spots that drive each other crazy. This type of stimulation causes deep arousal that may lead to exceptionally powerful orgasms for both lovers. Oral stimulation is another great way to get the orgasm needed. Both men and women thoroughly enjoy when their partners go down on them. Some report this as being the only time they actually have an orgasm. Once you have explored one another’s bodies, you can use the reactions from touching various areas as knowledge of how to pleasure your lover. You should watch for change in breathing patterns as well as noises voiced by your partner to see if what you are doing is feeling good to them. Pleasure comes in various forms and finding the form that works will take some experience and time. Sex may not be amazing with a new partner; however, it usually becomes better with time and a little effort. Once you learn how to achieve orgasm, you will be more satisfied and confident in your sex life.

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How To Reach An Orgasm

For many women, trying to find how to reach an orgasm may be rather a difficult task. There are basically two kinds of women where orgasm is concerned. There are those that quickly and easily reach orgasm in a consistent pattern during sex. There are also those that simply cannot. Within the group of women that easily reach orgasm, there are those who experience wildly erotic ones and those who only have mild orgasms. Each orgasm that a woman has is very different from the last. There are no two orgasms that are alike for any woman. Orgasms vary in intensity and length. Some of the more fortunate women have multiple orgasms. However, this is very rare.

Before learning how to reach an orgasm, you should first understand orgasm. Orgasm is the peak for a woman or the climax. This is characterized by obvious feelings of intense pleasure. During orgasm, women experience a contraction of the genital muscles. For men, semen is ejaculated from the penis during orgasm or climax. Orgasm is more pleasurable than the sex act itself. For most men, it only takes around five minutes or less for them to reach full orgasm and women require from fifteen to twenty minutes. Most women can have an orgasm and quickly be ready to go again for another. Men cannot recuperate as easily. It is much harder for them to regain an erection after orgasm.

One method of discovering how to reach an orgasm is to first explore your own body. Through masturbation, you can find just exactly what pleasures you the most. This allows you to become more comfortable with your body and lose the inhibitions that may be keeping you from fully satisfying orgasms. In the following, you will find some helpful suggestions.

Becoming mentally prepared for sex will help you to reach orgasm. Many women face mental blocks that they unknowingly build themselves. You need to be in the moment with your lover in order to enjoy sex at all. Try to leave all aspects of your life behind when engaging in sexual activity. Stressors and tension will pollute the moment.

Learning to work your muscles to your sexual advantage will help you know how to reach an orgasm. This can be improved upon by exercising the muscle contractions of your pelvic area. Blood flow is increased through the body and vaginal area which increases your arousal level leading to orgasmic bliss.

Oral sex is a good stand by method for delivering orgasmic pleasure to your lover. Oral sex delivers sensations that are on a higher level than other types of stimulation for both men and women. While a man gives oral sex to his partner, he can simultaneously penetrate her with a finger. Pressing on the g-spot will enable her to quickly reach orgasm.

Many women reach orgasm with the aid of sex toys such as vibrators, dildos or dongs. Many of these sex devices have multiple functions of vibrations, pulsations and escalations. Numerous sex toys are remote controlled allowing even a lover to control the amount of stimulation received. A large number of single women rely on these sex toys for the sexual satisfaction needed. Some couples include sex toys in their bedroom activities to add excitement and variation to the mix. Sex toys also teach a woman about what it takes to meet her sexual needs and wants. She learns just where penetration feels the best. Keep in mind that stimulation required for orgasm does vary between both men and women. Everyone needs and wants something different in order to orgasm.

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Dating And Sex

Dating and sex can be a difficult issue for many individuals. When first meeting someone and starting to date, attraction can run deep. Deciding to have sex with a new partner can be a hard task. Many things can affect the way a person feels about the subject. Some individuals have religious beliefs while others may practice cultural values. In this modern age, many people feel that sex allows them to gauge how compatible they are with the other person. If the sex is spectacular, they take this as a sign of quality chemistry which could lead to a great relationship. Keep in mind, good sex is not necessarily the basis for a good relationship. You may find that you have nothing other than sex in common.

A sexually compatible relationship is not impossible. Each person has a different sex drive and each requires different types of stimulation to become aroused. Having the right chemistry is pertinent in keeping that special connection. Dating and sex brings new challenges to each person. For some, there may be feelings of inadequacy in performance and others may have inhibitions about their bodies. Regardless of your feelings, there are some simple ways to create a balance while dating.

In the initial dating period, sex is usually not common. This is especially true if the two people are trying to establish a genuine lasting relationship. Over time, the desire to be with one another on a sexual level will increase. Genuine feelings grow and the couple becomes emotionally connected. In the early stages of dating and sex, sex can complicate the relationship once the two people have gotten to know one another better.

When two people have sex for the first time, the experience can be either mind blowing or a disaster. Many individuals set high expectations and are therefore disappointed when the experience does not measure up. Time and effort are required from both partners to get to know the other person’s wants and needs. Trust and respect are two elements that a couple should form before ever taking part in sexual activity.

Some great suggestions about sex for those dating are such things as not having sex on that first date. Sex should not even be discussed on the first several dates. You should never talk about your prior sexual partners or experiences. Never disclose the number of individuals that you have had sex with. Never mistake a person’s sexy appearance as being easy to get into bed. Simple kissing is not a sign that sex is to follow. Never push sex on a person. Make sure they are comfortable and in the mood for sex. Sex may not be very good the first time. Try to remember that sex usually gets better further into the relationship. Never pressure anyone to have sex and do not allow anyone to pressure you into having sex. Sex should be a mutual act in order for both partners to feel fully satisfied.

There are many avenues that individuals are choosing today for dating. Many participate in scheduled speed dating meets while others are turning to the internet and the online dating sites that are numerous. For the lucky ones, a deep connection is formed and some begin to date. Sex is an eventual result of quality dating and learning about one another. Many individuals date for several months while others may choose to date for years before marriage is ever discussed. There are those who refuse to have sex until after marriage and this includes some deep devotion and dedication from both partners with firm beliefs. Dating and sex can work if you find your own balance.

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How To Make Women Orgasm

For years, men have wanted to learn the art of making their lover have the most powerful orgasms ever. Learning how to make women orgasm takes a bit of time and a lot of practice that only comes with experience. No man or woman for that matter is simply born with the sexual skill needed to produce orgasms in women. It is important for both men and women to learn their own bodies in order to produce orgasms effectively. In the following, there are some great suggestions that you may find helpful in improving your sex life.

All women are different. Each woman requires different types of stimulation in order to become aroused enough to reach orgasm. When trying to learn how to make women orgasm, it is important to explore your lover’s body to find what really arouses her. By taking time to enjoy each other in foreplay, you can easily find the most sensitive areas of your woman’s body. Everyone has trigger points of the body that when stimulated will send deep pleasuring sensations to the pelvic area which raises the arousal level. By kissing, fondling, touching or sucking on every inch of her body you will soon learn how to build her desire to the orgasmic level.

When searching for new techniques on how to make women orgasm, you might want to consider a bit of variety in the bedroom. You can experiment with such things as sex toys, role play and more. Many women can reach orgasm more easily and quickly from using a sex toy such a good quality vibrator than they can through vaginal sex. Some couples find it helpful to bring a sex toy into the sexual activity as additional stimulation that sends her into orgasm every time. Other couples use their sex toys while role playing and bringing bondage into play. Light bondage equipment such as hand cuffs, ankle restraints, collar, blind folds and chains are common first devices for many couples. By using these items and taking on a new identity in role play, the sexual excitement often shoots through the roof bringing amazing orgasms for not only the woman but the man as well.

Using new positions in sex is another great way to help in how to make women orgasm. Couples should introduce new positions and work on the ones that seem to provide the best pleasure for both partners. Many find that deeper penetration and a tighter feeling is gained through the use of various positions in sex. Some people may have to step outside their own comfort zone but tend to feel it was worth the chance they took.

More modern and open couples try bringing additional people into their sex lives. Some enjoy threesomes while others simply like to swap partners. Many couples visit swinger clubs regularly in order to keep the spice in their sex lives. When participating in threesomes, couples may choose to invite another female into the mix while others invite another male. Although this may not be the path that you and your lover want, it may be something to consider if your relationship is strong enough. There are couples that split after participating in activities such as these. It is often too much mentally for one or both of the lovers to handle.

All of these tips and suggestions can help you in learning about women and orgasms. You must simply find what will work the best for you and your partner. Great sex is sure to come when you find what feels the best for you both.

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How To Achieve Orgasm

Orgasm is a mind blowing experience for both men and women. Not every woman, however, experiences orgasm. Nearly 80 percent of all sexually active women have never had an orgasm as a result of vaginal sex. Individuals research various methods on how to achieve orgasm in order to be better able to please their lovers. Orgasm is different each time it occurs. No two orgasms are the same whether the variations are in intensity or length. In the following, you will find some great suggestions and tips for helping your lover have erotic orgasms during each encounter.

When learning how to achieve orgasm, you should first become familiar with your lover’s body. Every person requires a different type of stimulation to become aroused in preparation for sex. Although men can be ready in a hurry; women cannot. In order to get to know your partner’s body, you should completely explore it with your hands and mouth. You may kiss, nibble, suck, fondle and touch your lover while being aware of any signs of stimulation. When you touch a trigger point of your lover’s body, you will more than likely get a moan or tense from them. Trigger points are areas of the body that when stimulated sends deep sensations pulsing to the pelvic area. Most common trigger points are the ear lobes, back, inner thighs, back of neck, sides of neck and various other spots. These erogenous zones are extremely aroused when touched. After you have learned the spots to stimulate, your sexual skill will be heightened as you will know where to touch your lover each time.

Another way of how to achieve orgasm is by oral sex. Oral sex sends stimulation that will almost always produce an orgasm for women. Nearly all women as well as men thoroughly love oral sex. When a woman goes down on her man, he loves to feel the extreme suction as well as the tight feeling of her hot wet mouth. When a man gives a woman oral stimulation, he should focus on the clitoral area. By licking and kissing the clit area, your lover may be able to orgasm. Some women may need a bit of g-spot stimulation. After locating her g-spot, you can use your fingers or a sex toy to hit the right spot. Many men do not know how to locate the g-spot of their lover. By feeling inside her and to the top of the vaginal cavity, you should be able to locate a spongy feeling lump that is about the size of a small walnut. For some women, the g-spot is located in the center while others are to one side or the other. After locating the g-spot, you should be more able to help her in achieving orgasm.

Discovering how to achieve orgasm allows men to fully satisfy their lovers. Some lovers discover that by changing positions, orgasm occurs more easily. New positions often allow for deeper penetration and tighter penetration. Certain positions such as doggy style or side lying are great for increasing the amount of friction during sex. Women often get more g-spot stimulation from these two positions as well. Every woman craves an orgasm as the result of sex. When she does not get this type of satisfaction, she often becomes sexually frustrated and full of tension. Many of these women often turn to another man leading to infidelity to get the sexual satisfaction they need. More and more men are trying to learn to help their lovers reach orgasm in order to avoid losing the relationship all together.

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