How To Spice Up Sex

For various reasons, a couple’s sex life may become dull and boring. Married couples often experience mundane sex lives because of the pressures of raising a family, stress and demands of work, simple lack of time or even changes in hormone levels with age. Regardless of the reasons, learning how to spice up sex can bring back that spark you once had. Sex is a big part of any relationship. Both partners should continually work to improve their sex skills to keep one another fully satisfied. When you find that the passion for sex has begun to fade, you might use some of the following suggestions in order to spice it back up.

Forget the Rules

In many case, couples limited their lovemaking to the night hours. There are no set-in-stone rules that state there is a certain time for partaking in sex. Sex is best when it is not planned and by limiting your sexual activities to the night hours, you are scheduling the big event. Anytime you find yourself desiring one another, you should simply go for it. When the opportunity arises, you should take full advantage of it. Regardless of whether or not it is 6AM in the morning or just before lunch at 11AM, you should have sex when the need arises and never limit yourself on when or how much to have sex. Hop in the shower together or jump on the countertop in your kitchen for some steamy sex that will be super satisfying. This is definitely how to spice up sex!

Dirty Talk

When your relationship was young, you totally enjoyed the kinky dirty talk that was shared. It makes you feel wanted and desired to hear your lover tell you how sexy you look or how good you feel. This is a sure way to ignite the passion deep within and a certain way of how to spice up sex.

Going Against the Routine

Many couples fall into such a routine that they even hurry to undress themselves in preparation for sex. Stop taking your own clothes off! This is a great method of how to spice up sex. Undressing each other allows you to become aroused as you reveal the beauty of your naked bodies and feel the touch of your lover’s hands as your clothes are stripped away. In the heat of passion, clothes are often nearly ripped from the body which heightens the stimulation of the whole process. Others enjoy passionately removing clothes in a slow erotic manner which teases and seduces the mind.


A great number of couples find intense pleasure in giving and receiving a sensual massage. You can set the mood in the room by lighting enticing scented candles and spreading rose petals on the bed and/or floor. With a soft flickering glow radiating from the burning candles, you are sure to bring back a spark of romance leading into endless lovemaking.

New Positions

By exploring new positions in sex, many couples are intensely aroused. Most couples find that when their sex lives have lost that certain spark that they most usually are having sex only in their bed. You should never limit your sex to the bed only. Try starting on the bed and slowly make your way into the floor filled with those rose petals. Attempt various standing positions such as wrapping her legs around your waist and supporting her back against a wall. This not only gives you a new position but leads to deeper penetration and therefore more intense satisfaction. Place her in front of you and slightly bend her forward. You can reach out and cradle her breasts as you thrust her into orgasmic bliss.


Along with these great suggestions for bringing the heat back into your sex life, you may focus on a bit of foreplay, invest in some great sex toys, slip into role play wearing a cute and sexy costume or even bring a deck of cards to bed with you for some strip poker. There are various methods for improving your sex life and you are sure to be pleased with explosive end result.

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